I offer counseling in German and English. Are you looking for couples counseling that includes special understanding and acceptance of polyamory, open relationships or other forms of ethical non-monogamy?

Our goal in couples counseling

Together we’ll explore the causes of your current conflicts and dissatisfaction and develop new patterns of behavior. You can acquire or deepen skills that will allow you to perceive and understand the needs of all parties more accurately and find more satisfactory solutions. This will enable you to create more well-being and harmony in the long term.

I offer psychological counseling in German and English with a focus on polyamory for couples, groups / polycouples and individuals as well as in the area of separation counseling. Typical topics can be:

  • Self-worth
  • Reflection of learned beliefs
  • Emotional regulation
  • Trust and jealousy
  • Joint decision for a relationship model and opening up the relationship
  • Negotiating boundaries and rules
  • Planning the future apart from classic role models
  • Deciding for or against separation
  • Co-parenting

Making contact

The counseling process begins with getting in touch by phone or e-mail. We arrange an initial appointment and briefly outline the topic we want to discuss during the counseling session. The counseling will take place via the video platform Zoom. I’ll send you an invitation link by email.

Counseling Sessions usually take place every week or every other week. However, we can also arrange more frequent or less frequent appointments depending on your needs. The amount of sessions depends on the individual topic at hand and your circumstances; you can decide at the end of each session whether you would like to arrange another.


Individual counseling session – 60 minutes: 90€
Couple or group counseling session – 60 minutes: 120€